Return and Exchange Terms

As a basic rule, you can return the product you bought within 14 working days from the date of delivery, together with the invoice. Products (socks, underwear, etc.) that fall under the category of hygienic products must be untried or unworn.

Maybe there is a fungus in the nails or a discomfort in the legs that even you did not notice or did not know before. For this reason, as soon as you try (wear) a product, the hygienic feature of that product will be lost. Therefore, it is not possible to return the products.

However, if you have not worn the product, you do not have to consider the 15-day limit and you can return it whenever you want.

Although it is very rare, sometimes a size or color other than the size that should be in the box can be accidentally put in the box during the production phase. In addition, in case of factory defect (defective material) or similar cases, of course, the exchange takes place completely free of charge.

Manufacturing defects are sometimes not immediately noticeable. Even after 15 days, if you think there is a manufacturing defect, please inform us. We will definitely give you information as soon as possible by examining the product technically. In the event of a manufacturing defect, of course, a change or replacement is carried out without any problems and free of charge.

If you are not going to use the product and you will only check it at the door and return it depending on the situation (due to thinness, thickness, color, etc.), please try your best not to tear or damage the original box while opening it.

All rules, laws, written texts aside, mutual goodwill is of course a value we care about. Of course, laws and rules apply, but our priority is that this mutual exchange results in a positive outcome for both parties.

* Please send the returned products(s) together with a signed note stating the reason for the return and your invoice. Instead of adding a note, it will be sufficient to briefly indicate the reason for the return and sign it in an appropriate field on the invoice.