Payment and Costs

Issues you should pay attention to

Whether you pay by credit card, pay at the door or by wire transfer, the amount you will pay is the amount you see on our site.

For payments at the door, there is no additional charge other than the amount on the invoice when the product is delivered.

In short, when you buy a product, the amount on the invoice is the amount that includes everything.

Payment options

Wire Transfer

You can make your payment by Wire Transfer. At the order stage, you can make your payment to the bank account information you will see after your order is created. After the payment is made, your order will be processed.

Pay at the door

Payment at the Door is another payment method that can be preferred by those who say "product first, pay later". You can make your payment by credit card, debit card or cash. There is no installment option for payments at the door. You can receive your product at the door, either in advance or after paying with your credit card.

Credit card

You can make your payment safely through 3D. All known credit cards are accepted. You can also purchase the products in installments.